“Mike’s a great person, and as an employee he is really a hard worker. If TBA has 10 more like him, I’ll take them all.” -Mike Johnson, Kempsville Building Materials Inc.


If you’re interested is getting a certification, finding a job and ultimately making more money AT NO COST TO YOU, then keep reading!


The Building Trades Academy can be a great resource for you weather you’re just starting out in the workforce or are considering changing careers.  All we require is a desire to learn and the willingness to commit 12 weeks to being here on time, working with us to help you and have a positive attitude.  If you can do that, then we can help you to get nationally recognized certifications and a better career!


Here’s how it works:

  • Click here to fill out the application
  • We’ll call you and have you come to one of our orientations
  • Bring in your paperwork in a timely fashion
  • If you qualify we’ll get you a start date
  • Come on the first day of class ready to fill out some paperwork
  • Come on time every day
  • At the end of your 12 weeks you should be ready to start your new career!

Check out the video to see what some of our past students have to say about the program!