Completed on August 1, 2014

Our students work hard during the program and their hard work pays off after the program.  This is a student who went through the program and is now working?  Our employers have great things to say about our students!


“The primary asset of a graduate of the pre-apprenticeship training program is that their work habits instilled by the instructors are second to none.  They work well with others, follow directions and work as a team.”

-Emmett G. Keene, Jr., Co-owner, Smith & Keene Inc.


“Mike’s a great person, and as an employee he is really a hard worker.  If TBA has 10 more like him, I’ll take them all.”

-Mike Johnson, Kempsville Building Materials Inc.


“Three months into his employment, Richard is doing great.  He seems to like it here.  He’s working every day, and he’s learning a lot.”

-John Cornett, Owner, American Mechanical Inc.